Dee Dee Rocks the Galaxy

Producer, production design, logo and “Zarkov in Chief” for the short film Dee Dee Rocks the Galaxy created for the 2014 48-Hour Film Project. The event was held over the blazing hot weekend of August 15-17.

Dee Dee Rocks the Galaxy from team X Marks The Bot won awards for the Best Musical Score and Best Costumes!

Dee Dee Rocks the Galaxy was created by team X Marks The Bot (later christened Los Santitos) including Pete Barnstrom, Paul Vaughn, David Stinemetze, Brant Bumpers, Wes Barlow, Becky Stinemetze, Elise Lauderdale, Justin Barlow, Sara Egan, Hyperbubble, Amanda Barlow, Elie Zinsmeister, Diana Zinsmeister, Bubba Zapata, Blake Smithson and Cooper Barnstrom.