Dee Dee Rocks the Galaxy

Producer, production design, logo and “Zarkov in Chief” for the short film Dee Dee Rocks the Galaxy created for the 2014 48-Hour Film Project. The event was held over the blazing hot weekend of August 15-17.

Dee Dee Rocks the Galaxy from team X Marks The Bot won awards for the Best Musical Score and Best Costumes!

Dee Dee Rocks the Galaxy was created by team X Marks The Bot (later christened Los Santitos) including Pete Barnstrom, Paul Vaughn, David Stinemetze, Brant Bumpers, Wes Barlow, Becky Stinemetze, Elise Lauderdale, Justin Barlow, Sara Egan, Hyperbubble, Amanda Barlow, Elie Zinsmeister, Diana Zinsmeister, Bubba Zapata, Blake Smithson and Cooper Barnstrom.

Attack of the Titans

Logo and “production design” for the short film Attack of the Titans created for the 2013 San Antonio 48-Hour Film Experience sponsored by the San Antonio Film Commission. The event was held over the weekend of November 22-24.

Attack of the Titans from team Whiskey Tango Foxtrot captured second place.

Pete Barnstrom served as director, cinematographer and editor, as well as co-producer.  He says this about the crew: The better puppets were from the collection of (and manipulated by) Jerrod Kingery. We made the rest of them, and we sort of thought just flapping the mouth was all it took. But when Jerrod got there, he made us all look like chumps. He’s a fantastic puppet-actor. Among the voices — Brant Bumpers, Tamedra “T.J.” Jones, Valerie Tapia… hell, all of us did a little something. The fleshy actors were Leslie Augustine, Cooper Barnstrom and Soren Vaughn. David Stinemetze recorded the sound, Don Espiritu came up with the script, Jeff DeCuir of Hyperbubble created some amazing music (he brought a theremin!). Becky Stinemetze produced, along with Paul Vaughn (who also provided his Nerdatorium as our studio space) and me.

Enjoy… and we defy you to get that theme song out of your head!